Living in a dream.

Loved watching #cagetheelephant.  #coachella
Amazing show!  #coachella #pharrell #nelly #bustarhymes #diddy
Watching #coachella live on Youtube

big news (for me)

Well, I’m in the volleyball club in my college.  My teammates are 4 members plus me and we had been playing volleyball for the past 5 months.  Today we had a club for the first time since the new year begun.  Last week our  leader introduced the club to the freshmen and she and her partner did some stand up comedy.  I could’t see their performance, but it was pretty well and many of the freshmen were laughed according to the other students.  I was worried if the freshmen come to see our club at first.  To my surprise, more than 10 freshmen (14 freshmen to be specific) came to see us!!!  I was so glad to see them and they seemed to enjoy playing volleyball:)  I hope they will join the club.  If not, I’d be sad;(  I cannot to wait to see them again on Thursday!

;) #happy
Happy bday Alex!!!
Watched #LolaVersus.  #gretagerwig #joelkinnaman

again…  I’m upset right now.  R there any good quotes or song to encourage myself?